Information Systems and Management Institute - Latvia

Information Systems Management Institute (ISMA) Latvia

Information Systems Management Institute (ISMA) established in 1996 proves to be an excellent choice for modern people who aspire to get contemporary higher education for successful professional career. Information Systems Management Institute (ISMA) being prestigious and dynamic private higher educational institution is internationally recognized. The mission of the Institute is to ensure academic and professional education as well as research activities preparing top executives and managers for the national economy.

Information Systems Management Institute (ISMA) provides opportunity to study according to undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, which include more than 12 sub-programs in the fields of entrepreneurship, tourism business and information technologies, for example - Entrepreneurship Management, Tourism Management, Management of Computer Technologies, Hospitality Industry, Administration and Safety of Information Systems, Telecommunication Systems, Intellectual Training Systems, and others.

The study programs have been prepared and the courses are taught by highly qualified academic staff and leading specialists in the spheres of entrepreneurship, management, information technologies and culture. The organization of study process meets two main objectives: to provide students with contemporary knowledge, skills and competences in the fields of management, tourism business and information technologies, and to prepare students for life-long learning, since in the era of rapid technological change and international economic integration only educated specialists with highly developed analytical, research and practical skills can be professionally successful. The awarded academic degrees – Bachelor, Master and, from November 2008 ISMA also has the license for Doctor's Degree Study Programme, where first studies start at January 2009.

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The contact person is Ms Sniedze Joma